For over 50  years, Milodon Gear Drives have been acknowledged as the ultimate in quality, strength and durability whether the use be Top Fuel, Circle Track, Drag Race, Marine or Street. There are lots of gear drives on the market today, many of them are from overseas. None of them can match the American made quality and experience of Milodon.

Even though Milodon Gear Drives are designed for "All Out Competition", they work equally well in any application, including Street. When installed properly, these gear drives  will virtually last indefinitely due to the zero wear and their overall brute strength. Cam timing accuracy and consistency are the key to accessing 100% of the cam's available power. A timing chain or an "easy to install" $150 gear drive unit can not provide this. 

Milodon's professionally proven "Fixed Idler Gear" system is capable of maintaining the precise cam timing required to allow the release of this power. Cam timing adjustments are effortless to perform via the two piece cam gear and cam hub assembly that is accessible on the Full Cover Style Assembly through the removable billet cam cover. The adjustment is achieved by changing the position of the cam gear on the cam hub. A simple bolt-on procedure with no offset dowels or keys to mess with. Each movement is detailed on a provided chart which gives the exact position for the desired amount of advance or retard, once top dead center is found. 

A professional style three-gear unit, unlike a four-gear type, does not rob any power from the engine to run. The billet steel gears mounted solidly to the block, will not and can not, allow the timing to vary, unlike a flexible belt or chain. These benefits add up to increased horsepower output and higher RPM potential.


  • It will make the same more power as when new, virtually indefinitely. Even on the street, it is almost impervious to wear. 
  • Street or Strip, a Milodon fixed idler gear will make more power than a timing chain or a floating idler gear.
  • It will keep the same cam timing you set, whether the engine is on the engine stand or at 10,000 rpm.
  • Fixed idler, steel billet gears can not change, unlike all other flexible chain or belt drives. 


Small Block Chrysler & 392 Hemi Gear Drive
340-360 Chrys & Early Hemi   #13600

Pontiac Gear Drive
Pontiac   #13900

Ford 302 & 351W Gear Drive
Ford 302 & 351W   #14100

Ford 351C Gear Drive
Ford 351C   #14200

  • Available for Fords 302-460, Small Block Chrysler, 0lds, Pontiac and AMC . 
  • Fits under the stock front cover with very slight fitting. 
  • Allows precise camshaft advance & retard using Milodon's adjustable bolt pattern cam gear and cam hub assembly. 
  • Mounts the fixed idler gear solidly to a 3/8" thick steel plate which is bolted securely to the block. This fixed idler system will fully compensate for any crank position, even if the block has been severely align bored, without any sacrifices. 
  • A three-piece roller bearing is used behind the cam gear to control cam movement, reduce power-robbing drag and stop wear (except #14300). 
  • NO block machining is required. Hand tools are required to drill and tap some of the mounting bolt holes which, with care, can be done at home. 
  • The stock mechanical-style fuel pump may be used on some engines, if desired.
318, 340, 360  Small Block 3 13600  Small Block Chrysler Gear Drive
331, 354, 392  Early Hemi 13600  Early Chrysler Hemi Gear Drive
290-304-343-390-401 13700 AMC Gear Drive
Pontiac 389-400-421-428-455 13900  Pontiac Gear Drive
Oldsmobile, 350-425-455, 1976 & Earlier 14000  Olds Gear Drive
289-302-351W 2 14100  Ford 302 & 351W Gear Drive
351C, 400M 14200  Ford 351C Gear Drive
390-428 2 14500  Ford 390-427-428 Gear Drive
429-460 14600  Ford 429-460 Gear Drive
429-460 - with Big Block Chevy crank snout 14605  Ford 429-460 Gear Drive
2 = This engine can NOT run a stock -stock mechanical fuel pump with gear drive.  An electric unit must be used.
3 = This unit can run a stock-style mechanical fuel pump, but the eccentric must be shortened 1/4".

This very professional "HOW TO" video gives clear concise, step by step instructions to install a typical gear drive unit and degree the cam. Video will cover proper setting of the gear lash and correct mounting of the drive assembly. The comprehensive look at cam degreeing shows you how to set your cam to deliver the power you paid for. Buying the correct cam for your application is the first step however to make the intended power the cam must be timed right. Degreeing your cam is a fundamental part of the properly blueprinted engine. 
Cam Degree & Drives Video

14900  Gear Drive Install Video