1) Why do I need an aftermarket oil pan?

Milodon oil pans are designed to provide optimum performance for a specific applications.  That's why Milodon makes over 150 different models.  Drag racing oil pans assure an ample supply of lubricant under rapid acceleration, while providing optimum power; circle track oil pans are engineered to cope with the centrifugal effects of hard turns.  Off-road oil pans are built to deliver lubrication on all kinds of radical terrain while marine oil pans are designed to provide an ample supply of oil and reduced oil temperatures.  Important features include oil control to allow good oil supply and maximum power, an increased sump capacity to assure an ample supply of lubricant at lower oil temperatures, plus design considerations such as required ground and component clearance.


2). How much power can an oil pan give?

On street-type applications a gain of approximately 3-4% can be realized.  That's 10-15 "free" horsepower.  Improvements are most dramatic in high RPM race engines.  Think about this: At 8,000 RPM the outer part of the crank counterweight is rotating at approximately 300 mph.  You know what air resistance is like, sticking your hand out of a moving vehicle at 60 mph.  Now factor in the extra resistance of oil and consider that the crank is rotating five times as fast!  Imaging the power it takes to push the crank through this oil and air mixture.  Now you understand the importance of proper oil control.

3). What oil pump should be used?

Milodon pumps provide a 20%-30% increase in both oil volume and oil pressure, a must for any performance engine.  Each Milodon oil pump is 100% flow tested to assure it's proper operation.  The oil pump, oil pick-up and oil pan are specifically matched for the application.

Milodon has made quality performance oil pans for over 40 years! There is no substitute for experience! Milodon offers the widest coverage of any oil pan manufacturer, with 150 part numbers in applications such as: Street/Strip, Stock, Drag Race, Circle Track, Road Race, Marine and Off Road. Milodon offers oil pans for all V8 engines - Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Olds, Pontiac and AMC.

4). What about the oil pickup?

It is imperative that the correct pickup be used for each particular oil pan, as they are engineered as a unit for optimum performance.  Milodon utilized a special high flow, compact head, large diameter tubing and special flanges/bungs exactingly machined from billet bar stock.  All components are heli-arc welded.  The pickup is equipped with a unique tab to assure proper spacing from the oil pan floor and adequate flow.

5). Can a windage tray really make power?

You bet! Controlling windage makes power! Milodon's "Diamond Stripper" tray out-performs any screen-type windage tray on the market today! It has hundreds of tiny louvers that very efficiently scavenge oil from the rods and crank. Additional "free" horsepower can also be obtained by using a rear pan baffle to prevent the oil from "climbing" during acceleration. In high end applications a crank scraper provides maximum oil control.

Milodon Windage Tray

6). Is there anything else to be considered?

Stock oil pump drive shafts tend to break when used in conjunction with high volume pumps, heavy racing oil, and high RPM operation.  Break a shaft and it will destroy your motor in seconds! Milodon heat-treated 4130 chrome moly shafts overcome this problem.  Milodon oil pan bolts or studs and Milodon gaskets, that resist loosening, shrinking and consequent oil leakage are the final touch.

Oil Pump Drive Shafts

Flat unwrapped oil pan rails, proper bolt hole alignment, and oil pump / pick-up combinations engineered for each oil pan, provide a part that fits. Every pan is 100% leak-checked and block-checked to assure compliance with the Milodon standard of quality. As the final step all Milodon oil  pans receive Milodon's distinctive gold plating which isn't just cosmetic, it provides long lasting corrosion protection inside and out!