How To Buy from the Website

Consult the preferred Milodon dealer list for your area. You will find dealers that are interested in your business and will respond to your needs. Some are dealers located locally and some are mail order accounts that service your area on a daily basis. Our largest stocking accounts are linked directly to our website and can be accessed by clicking their link button.

If you wish to buy directly from Milodon due to concerns such as proper dealer service or expediency, you are free to do so. You should know that most of Milodon's dealers offer 15-20% pricing discounts off standard Milodon website pricing. If however you need or wish to purchase from Milodon directly, we are here to serve you.

All orders placed with Milodon require payment by credit card, which will be processed for parts and freight before shipment. If your part is backordered more than two weeks Milodon will contact you as to where the part may be found elsewhere or when it will be due from us.


Preferred Dealer
Attention Dealers: If you are a Milodon stocking dealer and are not listed, please click here. You are welcome to fill out a Preferred Dealer info sheet and fax or email it to Milodon. We update our site listing regularly and we will be glad to include you. Thank you for your support and Milodon gratefully supports you.

U.S. Dealers
For a list of U.S. Dealers, visit our U.S. Authorized Dealers area.

Canadian Dealers
For a list of Canadian Dealers, visit our Canadian Authorized Dealers area.

Overseas Dealers
For a list of Overseas Dealers, visit our Overseas Authorized Dealers area.