Milodon 4 x 4 Truck and Offroad Oil Pans


  • Designed for Rough Terrain Operation.

  • Carry large Oil Capacity to Help Control Oil Temperature.

  • Fully Horizontal Baffled to Keep Oil in Sump.

  • All are for Applications with Sump in the Rear.

  • All Pick-Ups are Heavily Braced for Added Strength

- Small Block Chevy -


This one-piece stamped pan features ultra straight pails (no gasket leaks) and has built-in horizontal baffle for oil control. Fits all normal 2 & 4WD chassis applications. Dipstick on left side. 100% oil control is provided by this pan whether the truck is used for street or full-on, off-road racing. Pan capacity is 6 quarts plus filters, etc.

Pan Capacity is 6 Quarts Plus Filter - 8  1/2 Sump Depth

350-400 (Up To 1979) 30401 

Oil Pump and Pick-Up Required:

Pickup 18314 
Oil Pump 18750 
Oil Pump Shaft 23050 
Windage Tray, Solid Louvered 32100 
Windage Tray, Screen 32250 
Windage Tray Install Kit 81150 
Rear Pan Baffle 32500 
Oil Pan Gasket 40100 
Oil Pan Gasket, 1 piece 41000 
Oil Pan Bolts, vibration resistant 85000 
Dipstick, CNC stainless steel 22000 

- Big Block Chevy -


Designed for use on all 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks. Will provide 100% oil control in all conditions whether all out racing or just street. 

Pan Capacity is 7 Quarts Plus Filter - 9  1/2 Sump Depth

396-454 Mark IV ('65-'90) 31100 
8.2 Liter Mark V & VI 31105

Oil Pump and Pick-Up Required:

Pickup 18300 
Oil Pump, high volume 18760 
Oil Pump Shaft 23060 
Windage Tray, Solid Louvered 32200 
Windage Tray, Screen 32260
Windage Tray Install Kit 81151 
Rear Pan Baffle 32505 
Oil Pan Gasket, Mark IV 40200 
Oil Pan Bolts, vibration resistant 85005 
Dipstick, CNC stainless steel 22010